Scientist fears for woods

AN EXPERT in the study of the Cumberland Plain says run-off from an airport in Badgerys Creek may affect the health of the woodland.

Associate Professor Charles Morris, of the science and health school at the University of Western Sydney, said the endangered grouping of plants that once spread over much of the Sydney basin could be damaged by water flows from the airport site if they contained grease and oil.

"Unless these things are filtered out properly, they could drain into the Nepean River and affect the riparian stream zone throughout the region," Associate Professor Morris said.

He said he wasn't particularly familiar with any potential project plans, but that the remaining woodland could suffer if environmental factors weren't taken into consideration in the design phase of the airport.

"It will mostly impact the area of the airport footprint really," he said, "but there may be an impact on air quality too, and sound pollution could have an effect on fauna.

"But this is all speculative at this stage, because we don't know what the plans will be and filtration could be imposed as a condition of consent."