Engrave your loving thoughts

Generic pic for Valentines Day
Generic pic for Valentines Day

ONE retailer who is well versed in special occasions is Mister Minit, and its marketing manager Kylee Young said the store specialised in engraving and giftware.

"Flowers, chocolates, jewellery and candle-lit dinners are always popular but if you're the type who likes to do something special, then you need something unique," Ms Young said. "Mister Minit undergoes more than half a million engraving jobs per year as engraving is a very popular way for couples to add their own personal touch to their gift."

One Mister Minute franchisee, Michael Ash, said the younger generation were really getting into the Valentine's spirit, wanting to find an unconventional way to express their love.

"We've seen unusual sentiments such as 'Me & U 4EVA' and 'I dig you' engraved on non -traditional gifts such as key rings, fishbowls, even toy Ferraris," he said.

In the lead-up to the most romantic day of the year, Mister Minit has listed some unique ways to celebrate with your special someone:

■ Have a picnic at home

Celebrating Valentine's Day dinner at a restaurant can be difficult to book, busy and expensive, so do something different this year and celebrate with a romantic picnic, featuring your favourite food, in your own living room.

■ Think outside the chocolate box

While chocolates may be an easy option, put some extra thought into your gift. Perfume bottles, picture frames and bottles of whisky all make for unique gifts, especially since they can be engraved with a name or a sweet sentiment.

■ Make it count with engraving

Computer and hand engraving allow for many surfaces to be inscribed with a special message, or for something unique, opt for Mister Minit's photo engraving service and have a picture engraved on a pendant.

■ Write a poem

A poem or song can be a unique and inexpensive way to really show someone how much you love them. You can even get it engraved on a keepsake so it can be cherished forever.

■ Buy a potted plant instead of roses

Roses are beautiful but why not give your loved one something that lasts. Potted plants or flowers create everlasting memories.

Engraving is available at Mister Minit from $12.95 for the first five letters.

■ Details and store locations:

visit misterminit.com.au.