Learn how to be a boss

Driven: Liverpool's Jason Golban has big plans to be his own boss in the future.
Driven: Liverpool's Jason Golban has big plans to be his own boss in the future.

TAFE South Western Sydney Institute is helping 50 local tradespeople along the way to becoming their own boss.

The new Apprentice to Business Owner program, held at Liverpool College, is government-funded and will run over a year, starting at the end of this month.

Successful participants will receive a certificate IV in small business management and up to 12 months of business mentoring.

Jason Golban, from Liverpool, is almost finished his apprenticeship and hopes to open his own mechanic shop in the not too distant future.

"Ever since I was a kid I had a passion for cars," he said.

"I liked to know how they worked so I could service and repair my own vehicles at next to nothing."

Mr Golban said he decided to complete the apprenticeship through TAFE to become a technician.

"Anyone can learn about cars and fix them through trial and error but I wanted to know the ins and outs of motor vehicles properly," he said.

"I have done this through my learning at TAFE for the past six years, partaking in multiple courses surrounding the motor vehicle trade such as LPG and autoelectrics to better myself as a tradesmen and provide a superior service to my customers. I one day want to open my own establishment.

"This course has enabled me to understand the back-end of how a business works."

Mr Golban said he had learned how to manage and understand accounts, as well as how to make his business sustainable.

"Given the current economic situation for small business owners, it can be quite tough to make it in any industry, therefore I truly see the value within the course," he said. "The course teaches you key skills that are necessary in managing a business of any kind.

"I just want to thank TAFE NSW for giving me the opportunity to better myself.

"I now have a greater understanding of both sides of my industry and when the time comes for me to go out on my own, I know exactly what to expect and do."

Details: Program co-ordinator Peter Scicluna, 13 79 74.