Police investigate Austral shooting

Green Valley police believe a shooting, which occurred early this morning in Austral, was a targeted attack because the perpetrators would have known the property well.

Detective Inspector Robert Tunks said shortly after 1am, Tuesday, January 28, a number of rounds were fired at a parked car and into a house, narrowly missing a window.

He said the house was located towards the front of a 2.2-hectare rural block and the gunman would have had to ‘‘jump a fence and run down the block to get to the house’’.

The two people who were inside the house at the time were not injured.

Detective Inspector Tunks said police were treating the incident as serious because people in the house could have been injured.

‘‘There is always a concern for the welfare of the people within the house,’’ Detective Inspector Tunks said.

He said the police believe there was a reason the gunman targeted the house, but could not confirm whether the attack was bikie or gang related.