Rate charge questioned

Lower rates needed: Liverpool resident Ian Bailey. Picture: Luke Fuda
Lower rates needed: Liverpool resident Ian Bailey. Picture: Luke Fuda

UNIT dwellers receive less council services than residents who live in houses, but still cop expensive council rates, says Liverpool resident Ian Bailey.

Liverpool Council recently completed a community consultation of residents which asked whether they wanted the council to keep the 9 per cent Special Rate Variation which has been in place for the past five years or allow it to lapse this financial year.

The survey, the results of which will go before council on February 5, also asked residents if they wanted to increase the rates.

Mr Bailey said he had voted for the rates to be reduced to the lowest level possible and only increase by the 2.3 per cent, approved under the rate pegging system.

He and his wife own two units near Liverpool's central business district.

"We obviously pay less than home owners do, because of the smaller floor space, but we still pay a lot when you look at the service that we get," Mr Bailey said.

He said the average rate charge per year, per unit was about $900.

"And what are we really getting for that? he said.

"The parks don't get much maintenance and we pay an added wheel-in, wheel-out charge for our garbage collection anyway."

A council spokeswoman said all residents "were afforded an equal opportunity to provide feedback".

She said the Special Rate Variation had brought in $5.6 million in extra funds to the council which had been spent on road works, graffiti removal, park maintenance and other services.

"All properties will increase by the same percentage," she said.


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