Jobless need work skills

Education: Alexander Cochrane and Cherie Luckman. Picture: Luke Fuda
Education: Alexander Cochrane and Cherie Luckman. Picture: Luke Fuda

WHILE they are both currently working, Cherie Luckman and Alexander Cochrane aren't surprised to find youth unemployment levels in the Liverpool/Fairfield area were ranked third highest in the state.

The pair say that even gaining a start was near impossible in the workplace without experience.

Each is a full-time university student and have settled for casuals at their local Subway store while looking for work in their chosen fields. They have complete retail management courses at Liverpool Interskills training centre.

Recent Department of Education, Employment and Workforce Relations data showed Liverpool/Fairfield's youth unemployment rate was 7.4 per cent.

Ms Luckman,19, is studying primary school teaching. She said she would prefer to work in a job related to the field.

"I haven't worked anywhere else because other places all required experience," she said.

"I"m always looking for work. I would like to work at a retail children's store or with children."

Mr Cochrane, 18, said he too had found it difficult finding work.

"I have so many friends looking for work who have qualifications and don't have industry experience," he said.

Michael Robinson from Liverpool Interskills training centre said employers were more likely to hire someone with the necessary qualifications and skills.

"Employers are often looking for people with a particular skill-set that would have certainly undertaken some form of education," he said. "Those things add to your resume and make you look more attractive to a prospective employer."


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