Entertaining visitors

When entertaining international guests, throwing prawns on the barbie may seem like a horrible cliché but the experts say it is a great way of showcasing Australian seafood.

"It may sound a bit cheesy and parochial, but my philosophy is Go Aussie, Go!" said Stuart Gregor from Liquid Ideas.

So the best bet is to host a relaxed dinner or BBQ that features Aussie beef, Aussie seafood, and Aussie wines.

Ambassador for Mumm Champagne, Chris Morrison, travels the world for his job.

"Every country I visit, what strikes me is their pride in their food and wine. It’s like their national anthem or flag," he said.

But it’s important to remember it’s not a competition and the aim is not to criticise their cuisine. Event stylist Alex Zabotto-Bentley said, "It’s not about outdoing them, food-wise, but rather creating something that welcomes them to the country."

So throw another shrimp on, cobber.

This story Entertaining visitors first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.