NEW GALLERY | TRIPLE M AT THE WARWICK | MG says Latham is a goose for dumping over us

Mark Geyer (“MG”), Matty Johns and the rest of the Grill Team were at The Warwick this morning doing a live broadcast of their breakfast show, kicking off a full day of programming at The Warwick which ran through to 6pm.

Did you whip down and meet the guys from Triple M?

MG and Matty spoke to the Champion. 

MG was mighty miffed at the treatment we in the south-west have been copping from former Werriwa Labor MP Mark Latham – he’s just joined the Liberal Democrats – and NSW Labor senator Sam Dastyari – the first Iranian in the Australian Parliament.

A Westie himself, MG pulled no punches in stating where he stood:

Ian Horner: MG, you’re a Westie.

MG: Sure am!

We’re getting a lot of stick here in south-west Sydney at the moment. Mark Latham has been criticising us for not all learning to speak English in this multicultural region, and not integrating. But my point is you don’t have to speak English to be nice to each other.

Hundred per cent, mate. Just because you’re not sure of someone’s background and ethnicity doesn’t make them out to be a bad person.

I think we’ve got to be more tolerant of each other. I think being multicultural is a plus in any society.

The way that people bring in different needs and wants and the demographics and people from all parts of the world who wanna come to our country . . . I do agree with you, the south-west do happen to cop probably more than most and it’s unfounded.

I can’t believe Sam Dastyari. He’s a goose! He’s a goose. I mean, come on. If you put people down for your own gratification it says more about you than those you’re puttin’ down.


And Sam Dastyari has criticised the houses down here. He says people here are paying up to a million dollars each for houses that are tasteless rubbish!

MG from Triple M talks to us at The Warwick today

I can’t believe him. He’s a goose! He’s a goose. I mean, come on. If you wanna put people down for your own gratification, you know, it says more about you than the people you’re puttin’ down.

They did it a couple of years ago out west with Struggle Street on SBS. They exploited a couple of families and basically tarred everyone with the same brush.

I know for a fact, living 23 years in Mount Druitt and now 25 years in Penrith, that there is such a thing as postcode racism. It’s something we’ve got to erase and erase pretty quickly.


And I know for a fact that, you know, living 23 years in Mount Druitt and now 25 years in Penrith that there is such a thing as postcode racism that exists to this day.

And people judge you not for who you are but for where you’re from and it’s sad. It’s something in our psyche that we’ve got to erase, and erase pretty quickly.

Matty Johns from Triple M talks to us at The Warwick today

What do you think are the greatest personal strengths that come out of having so many cultures living together?

I think having an identity is a big thing. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you are as long as you galvanise as one person under the one flag, the Australian flag, I don’t care where you come from.

If you wanna come here and be one of us, you’re welcome!

Great to have you here mate.

Great to be here mate. I’m representing the West as always, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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