Silverdale model wows judges at very first event

“Strong is sexy. I don’t want to be one of those skinny fashion models.”

That is the mantra of Silverdale’s Jessica Gillett who was named the NSW state representative in Maxim magazine's Australian Model of the Year competition.

She beat 30 women from NSW heats to claim the title in the first competition she ever entered.

Ms Gillett will now compete against other state finalists in the national competition in Surfers Paradise in Queensland in May. 

The week-long competition will include photo shoots, promotional events and the final round – a themed bikini wear runway walk.

“I have designed my bikini,” Ms Gillett said. “It is titled Peacock Paradise and there will be sequins on the bikini and a long train flowing down with feathers.”

Ms Gillett, owner of Luddenham hairdressing salon Orchid Belle Beauty, said a friend encouraged her to enter the competition.

“I have been going to the the gym and training for a while but I have eaten whatever I wanted,” she said.

“I had never really thought about being a model and it came to the last day to enter and I just submitted an application.

Strong is sexy. I don’t want to be one of those skinny fashion models.

Jessica Gillett

“I had never done any model work, only a muck-around photo shoot so I ended up using those photos. Modelling is new and exciting and I am loving it so far.”

Ms Gillett admitted she had some preconceived ideas about what she thought the modelling world would be like.

“I was nervous and I didn’t know what to expect,” she said.

“I thought the women would be catty and I was surprised because the women were encouraging. Some gave me tips on how to walk because I had no idea what I was doing.”

Ms Gillett said she wanted to pursue modelling and could see herself doing fitness photo shoots.

“I would love to do fitness modelling if I got the opportunity because I want to be a healthy weight and I like food too much,” she said.

“I will firstly need to practise my walk and get more confidence. 

“I started going to the gym to keep my head clear after suffering from anxiety.

“I want to promote and tell women and girls that they don’t have to be a size six and it is more important to be fit and healthy.”