My Kitchen Rules 2017 episode 16: Caitie and Demi's MSG controversy that wasn't

It was the kitchen malfunction that never happened.

Viewers tuning in to My Kitchen Rules were left bitterly disappointed on Sunday after Channel Seven promised a "battle of the ages" but failed to deliver.

Dramatic promos in the leadup to the sixteenth episode implied Melbourne Uni students Caitie and Demi suffered an earth-shattering slip-up while preparing to feed fellow contestants at their Vogue-themed restaurant.

Their crime? A sprinkle of MSG in their Japanese-style mayonnaise.

From the dramatic promos, MKR junkies could have have been forgiven for expecting  someone to have an allergic reaction on camera – or at least to hurriedly leave the table to throw up.

"I know MSG is controversial, but I didn't think it was this much of an issue," Demi says during the promo, while dramatic music plays in the background.

Alas, fellow judges and contestants barely raised an eyebrow.

Even when fresh-faced guest judge Darren Robertson waltzed into the kitchen to grill the girls about the ingredients in their homemade mayonnaise, he barely gave them a slap on the wrist.

"MSG?" he asked, surprised. "Is that fashionable?"

Demi jumped in to say she's aware some people don't like MSG, but argued it was necessary to create the right consistency. Robertson, ever polite, pointed out MSG is a flavour enhancer, not a thickening agent.

"Good luck," he said. "I'm looking forward to this mayonnaise."

Looking forward to the MSG? Oh.

But the disappointment doesn't stop there. When they serve the entree, the best friends from Melbourne blew the judges away with their presentation.

And as for the judges' criticism, the stickiness of the rice captured their interest, not the mayo.

In fact, it was very tasty, according to Robertson.

"It [MSG] is a bit controversial," he said. "Some people use it, but I actually personally don't. There was enough flavour there from the fish, the soy and the wasabi."

Fellow judge Colin Fassnidge agreed and he certainly didn't grill the girls over their use of umami flakes.

It was also not a big deal among fellow contestants, despite the shocked looks given by the Real Housewives of Wollongong.

"When it comes to MSG, I avoid it if I can," Adelaide contender Lama said. "But if it's in the dish, I'm not going to not eat it."

The judges scored Catie and Demi a five out of 10 for their entree. Hardly the train wreck it was built up to be.

And the guests gave a combined score of 25/50. So they are second (behind Mark and Chris) on the leader board with 60/110.

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