Airport a relief for some

PETER Carr says what was inflicted on him and his neighbours over the past 30 years was ‘‘disgusting’’.

Last week, the Luddenham resident was relieved that after decades of ‘‘procrastination’’ the federal government ‘‘finally made a decision’’ to build a second airport at Badgerys Creek.

‘‘Living in this area, we were stuck in limbo all of those years because we didn’t know what the future for our area was,’’ Mr Carr said.

‘‘We couldn’t sell, we couldn’t upgrade our properties, we couldn’t plan for our retirement.

‘‘Everybody was stuck in the same position, but there was no use complaining to governments, because they didn’t do anything to help us.

‘‘I’m relieved that after all this time they have finally made a decision.’’

Plans released in the 1990s showed Mr Carr’s property was across the road from the airport.

For many years he was affected by the Australian Noise Exposure Forecasts around the airport which prevented residents from doing a variety of work with their properties.

Mr Carr said he now supported the airport: ‘‘It will be fabulous for this region; it will stimulate business.

‘‘Land will be rezoned and infrastructure will finally go in. I don’t think there will be any protests this time; I think everyone is over it now.

‘‘We’re all fed up with the lack of infrastructure out here and everyone thinks that this will bring more infrastructure to the area.’’

Mr Carr said the roads that Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced would be upgraded were a ‘‘good start’’.

‘‘There will be more to do, but I think it’s great that they’ll be fixing up those roads to start with.’’

Bringelly resident Pauline Rowe had a less positive take on the decision.

‘‘This will be a freight airport,’’ Mrs Rowe said.‘‘It’s going to be open 24 hours and anyone that thinks they will be catching international flights from here is living in a nirvana.’’

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