Baby Xavier a life saver

XAVIER Khalessi-Rad may not be able to leap tall buildings nor stop a moving train but he has earned his place in the hall of heroes . . . simply by being born.

Father, Adib Khalessi-Rad was forced to close his recently-opened Austral dental practice Radiant Dental, on the day of his birth — the same day a car crashed through the waiting room wall.

"Had it not been for Xavier's birth, I would have not cancelled all the patients and people would have used the patient waiting area which is exactly where the car drove into," Mr Khalessi-Rad said.

Three weeks after opening the business, Mr Khalessi-Rad's wife Venus went into labour.

"It was an exciting time of our life, expecting our first child and starting our first business," he said.

"We rushed to the hospital and after Venus' epidural I called our receptionist so she could rebook all of the patients, as I was now unable to work. Hours later, a motor vehicle crashed into the waiting room, but there were no patients in the room thanks to our newborn boy Xavier — who decided he couldn't spend any more time in the womb."

No one was seriously injured during the incident.

Mr Khalessi-Rad said the building was deemed structurally unsafe after the accident and he was forced to close the business during the repairs.

"It was probably the best time to receive such news, because the happiness from the birth well and truly removed any anxiety brought about," he said. "Although it was very tragic to have such an accident occur, I have tired to see the good in it.

"While the premises was being rebuilt to reopen, it provided me with the opportunity to spend time at home with my son and wife."

Radiant Dental recently reopened and it is once again business as usual.

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