Eager for action on airport

BRINGELLY resident Patrick De Bono wants an airport at Badgerys Creek — and the sooner the better.

"Forty years is long enough," Mr De Bono said. "I'm sick of politicians and local councillors talking garbage about this project. It's time to move forward with it."

Mr De Bono said Liverpool now had higher unemployment than any other area.

"With the population growing, there will be fewer and fewer jobs available," he said.

"If we don't start building major infrastructure, like airports, it will only get worse. After the airport there will be business parks and technology parks built nearby too. The government has already acquired this land. It will make the airport twice as big as the one at Mascot and it will be a great way of planning for the future.

"The current airport facilities in Sydney are not adequate now, let alone for the decades to come."

Mr De Bono was a Qantas aircraft engineer for 15 years.

"NSW needs a 24-hour airport," he said. "This state is losing so much money due to the airport having a curfew. Airlines avoid landing at Sydney airport because of it."

Mr De Bono says he is not concerned about aircraft noise or damage to the environment near his house.

"Planes are 30 per cent quieter these days and fuel consumption has greatly decreased," he said.

"Thousands of people live near airports and it's not a major problem for them. People move to those areas all the time."

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