It's all made with love

THERE are few things quite as lovely as home-made items.

Owner of Blossom Tree, Tamara Krepp, creates all her items completely from scratch, from labels right through to sewing and embroidery.

"Blossom Tree was created from a passion of making beautiful, hand-made items," she said. "I always keep my children in mind when creating something new and exciting. I have pre-made items ready to ship and I also take custom orders."

Everything is fully hand made by Mrs Krepp, giving it that special "homey" feel.

"My most popular products are the tooth fairy and dummy fairy pillows," she said. "They are very cute and affordable.

"The tooth fairy pillows are a nice way for children to leave their lost teeth in a safe place that is very recognisable for the tooth fairy to come and make an exchange. These pillows come with a poem to leave out for the tooth fairy."

Mrs Krepp believes the dummy fairy pillows are a great help to get children through what could be a very difficult time.

"The pillows include a special letter from the dummy fairy to leave once the dummies are collected," she said.

Blossom Tree offers a range of high quality, unique, hand-made products, at an affordable price.

"As they are hand made, extra care is taken in their design and creation," Mrs Krepp said.

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