Girls change tyres

IF YOU subscribe to the premise of former Australian Idol finalist Kate Cook's single, if you give a girl a spanner she can change the world.

That being so, a group of Liverpool mums might be one step closer. Hand them a spanner and they can now change a car tyre.

The women were recently part of a Women On Wheels car maintenance program organised by Marsden Road Public School and Peter Warren Automotive. The program taught them how to prevent breakdowns and emergencies and general car safety.

Single parent Kelly McMaster said she learnt how to change a tyre.

"I am doing this as a precaution just in case something happens," she said. "If schools offer programs like this, then that's great. To do anything like this anywhere else you would have to pay big for it."

Ms McMaster said school parent groups were a great way to get involved and stay connected with the school.

Lee Elias, from Peter Warren Automotive, said that during the program he spoke about safety, in particular child restraints.

"There is a lot of valuable information here and it is relevant to everyone," he said.

Mr Elias said the Peter Warren group found it rewarding to give back to the local community.

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