Laptop program hit with pupils

MORE than 200 pupils at Ashcroft Public School were among the first in Liverpool to receive new XO laptops, from global non-profit organisation One Laptop Per Child.

The organisation aims to give 50,000 laptops, complete with teacher training and ongoing program support, to school students in a number of areas around Australia.

Formed in 2005, One Laptop Per Child has already helped approximately two million children across the globe.

Ashcroft students, from kindergarten to year 6, are able to use the child-friendly custom-made XO laptops in the classroom in a range of disciplines, including literacy and numeracy.

Ashcroft principal John Koletti said the program was linked to the school's focus on student learning and engagement.

"We're looking for different ways for our children to be engaged in learning," he said.

"The program targets low socio-economic areas, making laptops affordable for all children.

"We want to provide opportunities to inspire our pupils to do the best they can."

Mr Koletti said that since the pupils had received the laptops there had been changes in their learning, attendance and behavioural patterns.

"It's already showed an increase with pupil's engagement," he said. "There's been a decrease in behavioural concerns and attendance records have improved.

"The device allows us to work with pupils at their own level.

"Pupils who missed days last year almost have near perfect attendance. It inspires pupils and creates new opportunities for them."

Schools in Busby and Heckenberg are next to receive the laptops.

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