Airport OK but keep plan A

HE may not be looking forward to living right next door to it, but Mark Perich says that when he looks at the bigger picture, he can't help but support an airport at Badgerys Creek.

Mr Perich — whose family owns the land where one of the first south-west growth centre suburbs, Oran Park, is currently being constructed and Leppington Pastoral Company, which borders the proposed airport site — said he saw the plans from a few different perspectives.

"I'm not too excited about living right beside the airport, because I still live on the farm, but dairy farms and airports can co-exist," Mr Perich said.

"But the projects would bring a lot of employment for the south-west and growth for the whole area, so from that point of view I support it.

"Because the government had already purchased the land, it has always been clear that it was going to go ahead at some point.

"It will just be interesting to see whether they stick to the original plans or start the process all over again."

Mr Perich is the director of Greenfields Development Corporation, which is developing Oran Park and said he did not believe the airport project would have much of an effect on the suburb. "If they stick with Option A in the original plans then Oran Park would not be in the flight path," he said.

"And if you look at the way the NSW Department of Planning designed the western Sydney employment area and the south-west growth centre area it appears that they are assuming that they will."

He said because the suburb won't be in the flight path he doesn't think there will be any effect on home prices.

"If we were closer to the airport it may have had an effect, but I think it may even make the area more popular because its a bit further away," he said.

Mr Perich said his family would have to wait to see if the government planned to compulsorily acquire any of their land before making the decision about whether or not to move their dairy farm.

"We already relocated the diary once, in the late 1990s, to allow the airport to go ahead," he said.

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