Retirement dream threatened

SOKAIYA Ramasamy had been looking forward to a quiet retirement in his new home in Oran Park, but his dream may be jeopardised by the building of an airport in nearby Badgerys Creek.

Two weeks ago, Mr Ramasamy and his wife Santha moved into their new home, which is about 15km from the proposed airport site, in one of the first new suburbs to be built as part of the south-west growth centre development.

They said they had mixed feelings when they heard that the airport might go ahead after 30 years of debate.

"Hopefully, if it goes ahead, it won't be noisy," Mrs Ramasamy said. "We are concerned about that. And we do hope there won't be dust and fumes here, but at this stage it's hard to tell whether it will really have an impact on us."

Mr Ramasamy retired three weeks ago and said he had hoped the area would be a peaceful place to retire.

"But maybe it will make our house value go up because it will be so close," Mr Ramasamy said. "It will make it more convenient when we need to travel overseas too, because we won't have to drive to Mascot."

Wendy Polver said she "wasn't too impressed" to hear that the airport could be going ahead, because she was building a house in Oran Park after living under the Bankstown Airport flight path in her former house in Chipping Norton.

"There was constant noise from that and this airport will be much bigger than that because it will be a full-sized airport with commercial flights," Ms Polver said.

Bonita Hansen, also from Oran Park, said she and her husband had taken their children to a protest against the airport when it was first proposed.

"I remember that very well and our children were little and they're adults now, so it's been a very long time," Mrs Hansen said.

"I'm not as concerned about it now, because Oran Park won't be in the flight path if they go along with the plans they had before.

"The only impact we might feel here may be on the roads."

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