Mayor wants 'super council', but neighbours disagree

Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun has called for the creation of a super council which would combine Liverpool, Campbelltown and Camden but not everyone's impressed with the idea.

Camden mayor Lara Symkowiak said the suggestion was ludicrous and Campbelltown mayor Clinton Mead said this would create a council area with a population greater than Tasmania, which would be too difficult to manage.

The final report of the NSW Independent Local Government Review Panel, released last week, recommended that Fairfield and Liverpool Councils amalgamate.

"I don't agree with that recommendation because Liverpool and Fairfield Councils are too different," Cr Mannoun said.

"There would not be much benefit in amalgamating because Liverpool is still developing, while Fairfield is almost completely urbanised and has finished its growth," Cr Mannoun said.

Cr Mannoun said Liverpool had much more in common with its two southern neighbours due to all three being located in the south west growth centre and if amalgamations were on the cards in NSW it would make most sense for them to combine.

But Cr Symkowiak disagrees, arguing that Camden is "shouldering most of the growth centre development" and the council has been "dealing with it very well on its own".

"Camden and Liverpool are not dealing with the same issues, they are very different areas," Cr Symkowiak said.

Cr Mead said if the councils were to join, voters would not get the level of representation they were now receiving.

The local government review recommended no change for Camden and Campbelltown councils but suggested that Liverpool, Fairfield, Bankstown, Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly could "combine as [a] strong joint organisation".

Cr Mead said that sharing resources was a good idea and it was something that could be improved.

"It's just a matter of working together to gain efficiencies where we can," he said.

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