Citizenship Minister meets Liverpool migrants

YOUTH delinquency, inadequate aged care and lack of translating service were only three of the problems Liverpool's migrants confronted Citizenship Minister Victor Dominello with last week.

At Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre, Mr Dominello met representatives of local migrant communities, including those from Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Spanish-speaking countries.

Romal Baluchzada, of the Afghan community, said the young people from his country and their parents were finding it difficult to communicate with each other due to their different points of view.

"And there is youth delinquency developing in our community all around the west," Mr Baluchzada.

Several migrant groups said their aged people were not receiving sufficient or culturally appropriate care.

Mr Dominello said he could relate to the experience of migrants because he was the grandchild of migrants who had found adjusting to their new homeland challenging at first.

"None of these problems can be solved straight away," he said.

"There is no perfect country and if there was I would move there myself.

"But we will keep striving to improve the services available to communities."

He said the government was developing a mentoring program for migrant youth which could address some problems they faced.

Migrant Resource Centre manager Kamalle Dabboussy said he was pleased Mr Dominello had listened to the concerns and he would respond to them in detail soon.

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