Sweet victory for Harle

AFTER more than six years of campaigning Cr Peter Harle has had a victory in his fight for Liverpool council to recycle plastic bottles more efficiently.

When he started his election campaign in 2007, one of Cr Harle's main platforms was that the council should introduce its own container deposit scheme, similar to that used in South Australia, for plastic bottles and cans.

He hasn't achieved this goal yet, but he said he feels he is now on the right track.

At a recent meeting Cr Harle showed councillors a video produced by the United Nations University about a Japanese device that converts plastics to oil.

The council voted to enter into discussions with recycling contractor SITA to see it could introduce the equipment at its recycling plant.

"It's very innovative technology and a way to reuse the plastic, which often goes to waste now and the oil that is made is very pristine," Cr Harle said.

"This would be a great solution because so much plastic turns into landfill and a lot of it is really bad for the environment."

The council also voted that after negotiating with SITA, it would apply for a state grant to fund the project. "There is $6 million in funding up for grabs for efficient recycling schemes and we need to put our hand up for it," Cr Harle said.

"The council has already won a few awards for it's recycling and it would be good to continue the good work that we've done in that sphere.

"If we can get this technology working here, we would be the first council in the nation to do it and that would be a real feather in our cap."

Cr Harle said he was still committed to a deposit scheme.

"There are thousands of plastic bottles polluting our parks, reserves and waterways, because they're not worth anything people don't think about them.

"But if they could get something for them, that would be a different story."

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