Volunteers count and protect

A GROUP of local environmental warriors have set themselves the challenge of counting all of Liverpool's flora and fauna species.

Liverpool Action Group secretary Ian Bailey said the organisation recently formed an environmental wing and one of their goals was to count all of the animals along the Georges River throughout Liverpool in order to create a database.

"Nothing like this exists at the moment and we need it so that all the agencies can work together towards protecting what we actually have," Mr Bailey said.

"At this stage we have counted mostly the most obvious of the fauna, the birds, and we currently have a list of 80 species."

The group has also been working to rehabilitate and preserve the bush along the Georges River, focusing on Chauvel Park, Chipping Norton.

"For the past year we have been removing some of the worst noxious weeds such as lantana, madeira vine, balloon vine, blackberry, prickly bear and bamboo."

He said the group's goal was to obtain state conservation area listing for Chauvel Park.

"The area along the Georges River, on both sides from the footbridge over Lake Moore to a point opposite Coopers Paddock, should be recognised as a conservation area and become a botanic gardens or similar, with government protection."

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