Do we sing for a stadium? Ned says yes!

Could our city soon be home to a sister-team of the world-famous football club that shares its name?

It's the dream of Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun, who said the city should create a relationship with English Premier League club Liverpool FC.

Cr Mannoun said Liverpool should have its own football team, also called Liverpool FC, which would play at a new stadium he's pushing to have built on the council-owned Woodward Park site, once allocated for the construction of the Oasis sporting complex.

"We would already have all of the chants and songs and maybe even some of their players could come and play here," Cr Mannoun said.

"And that would create a really interesting rivalry with the current western Sydney team, the Wanderers.

"It would give us our own sporting identity, not to mention being a boost to the economy."

He said he also wanted to see local NRL teams including the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Wests Tigers and the Western Sydney Wanderers playing at the new facility.

Liverpool Council commissioned a feasibility study into a stadium, in March, prompted by the release of the NSW government's Stadia Strategy, which said the government would either build a new stadium in western Sydney or upgrade an existing one.

The council received the study, as a confidential report, at its most recent meeting in late November, with a recommendation from officers that the council allocate money for a prospectus to be printed to be used in a lobbying campaign and for a master plan to be prepared.

They also recommended that the council make representations to the NSW Premier and Sports Minister and meet with the NRL and the A-League about whether they would commit to playing at the facility.

At the meeting Cr Wendy Waller said the discussion was reminding her of something she had worked on in a previous life, referring to the Oasis development, which led to a corruption investigation and the council being sacked in 2004.

Considering the outcome, she encouraged the council to take things slowly.

She moved that the council should just meet with the NSW Premier and Sports Minister at this stage, before spending any more money, but the motion was lost.

Following some debate the matter eventually lapsed and will go before a future council meeting.

Cr Peter Harle voted against all of the motions moved because he said he did not want the council to be pursuing a stadium at all and said he would vote against it every time it was brought up.

Cr Anne Stanley said building the stadium was one thing, but the problem was that it would not make any money, due to the expense of maintaining it.

"We've been down this road in Liverpool before and it only ended in tears," Cr Stanley said.

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