Snakes at end of the street

ONCE set aside for housing and the building of a road, a block of land at the end of a Hoxton Park street is now a breeding ground for snakes and vermin, says a resident.

Diane Nguyen, who lives with her family in the house next door in Kew Road, says the block, which is owned by Inghams Enterprises, has not been mowed for more than a year and is now used by rubbish dumpers.

"It's disgusting and we're scared that rats and snakes will come onto our property," she said.

"My children are terrified and we never go into our backyard.

"When we moved in, the agent told us there was a plan to build two more houses next to ours and build a road connecting our street up to Pacific Palms Circuit. But instead they've just left it and haven't done anything."

An Inghams Enterprises spokesman said it was company policy not to provide comment for news stories.

Ms Nguyen said she contacted Inghams about the grass and the dumped rubbish to ask them to clean it up. She said she did not get a response, so she then put in a complaint with Liverpool Council.

"I called them several times and they didn't get back to me and then I called and they told me the matter was closed," she said. "But they haven't been here to inspect it or clean up the rubbish or anything."

A Liverpool Council spokeswoman said staff investigated complaints regarding the subject property being overgrown and did not find them to be accurate, but found that some works had been undertaken in association with current development applications for the site.

She said that, following the Champion's inquiry, the council would investigate further and monitor the area as the development progressed.

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