Wife's journey inspires book

WHEN renowned author Boyd Anderson made his way to Liverpool he regaled his audience with stories of his past, his rich historical background and the journey he took to produce his first novel, giving premise to many more stories to add to his literary career.

Promoting his new book, Amber Road, Mr Boyd said the book was based on his wife's life and the struggles faced during the Japanese occupation of Singapore. "Amber Road was strongly influenced by Gone with the Wind and what that was really about — civilisation, overcoming trials and, ultimately, hope, " he said.

"I had a fair knowledge about the fall of Singapore and I decided I wanted to write a story about the contrast of what that meant.

"The fall of Singapore was a huge turning point in history.

"It was when Australia became the sheriff for America instead of Britain."

Mr Anderson said it took him three years to write Amber Road because of the complex research involved.

"Although the main characters are fictional they're based on real people," he said. "There are some factual characters, such as the Japanese and British soldiers, and all of the background and what the characters lived through is also fact."

"What interests me in the way I wrote my books is the big picture. My stories are stories that have been told and retold but never from the local viewpoint."

Amber Road is available now through Random House.

Details: randomhouse.com.au.

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