Fertility specialist's advice

IT is expected that slightly more than 500 babies will be born in Liverpool over the annual Christmas/new year period.

According to local fertility specialist, Dr David Knight, it's a figure that could be higher if couples experiencing problems conceiving sought help.

Statistics show that one in six Australian couples have difficulty falling pregnant.

Dr Knight, an obstetrician, gynaecologist and medical director of Demeter Fertility said there is hope for those trying to conceive.

"I really think a lot of women over think it so the most important thing is to just have fun," he said.

"For many couples IVF is the only way they will be able to have a baby, yet so many couples delay seeking medical advice.

"Don't delay and let your dream of falling pregnant and having a baby become yet another unresolved New Year's resolution. It is a big step to seek help but it is the first step towards having a baby."

His wife, Dr Sonya Jessup, 42, who is also a fertility specialist and gynaecologist at Liverpool's Demeter Fertility and Medica Centre in Hurstville, said that while their six-and-a-half-month old son Sam was conceived via IVF, there were other options for women.

"There are different fertility treatments available to women. If a woman isn't ovulating, there's ovulation induction using clomiphene or if you've got polycystic ovaries, being the right weight is important," she said.

"But keeping a balance is extremely important. Go to the gym, get fit, eat healthy but at the same time enjoy your Christmas activities. Couples should set a date and if you haven't conceived by then, I would suggest consultation with a fertility specialist."

Anyone under the age of 35 who has been trying to conceive naturally for at least 12 months without success, and anyone over 35 who has been struggling to conceive naturally for six months, is encouraged to seek fertility treatment.

One of Dr Knight's clients, Bernadette Maycock, 32, who has a six-month-old daughter Ella, said she was thrilled with Dr Knight's services.

"I conceived Ella naturally, but Dr Knight gave us advice throughout my whole pregnancy and the biggest advice he gave was not to stress," she said.

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