New life for old station Community celebrates religious hub

THE Sabian Mandaean community can now join together in prayer as Liverpool becomes the home to the religious group's first centre in Australia.

The old fire station on Terminus Street has been transformed into a facility of peace and learning.

The religion is a branch of Christianity that dates back to the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

Mandaeans follow the teachings of John the Baptist, who fled from the Jordan Valley and settled in southern Mesopotamia (Iraq).

The community made use of the new facility for the first time last Friday night.

It took more than a year to build and more than 100 members participated in the construction process.

Sabian Mandaean Association president and Liverpool resident Adam Farhan said an office in Moore Street was used for some time, but there was a need for a centre to cater for the growing population.

"There are approximately 5000 Mandaeans living in Liverpool and 3000 in Fairfield," he said. "We have lots of youth and refugees arriving who have suffered tremendously overseas. They have had no education, no means of income.

"Australia is a great country and we will use our centre to showcase our community."

Mr Farhan said the centre would host religious services and youth programs.

"We have a community that should be able to speak a language that is over 2000-years-old and we need to teach it because our language is dying," he said.

"The centre is absolutely vital to the Mandaean community. We will run youth programs and community services to serve communities in Liverpool.

"We have converted this building into something very nice."

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