Watttle Grove Public School

YEAR 6 pupils at Wattle Grove Public School are eager to promote the importance of staying healthy and living healthy lifestyles. The school recently participated in the annual creative arts production School Spectacular.

Reporter Natalie Pilato spoke to students about playing sports and the importance of recreational activities in school.

■Ellie Roberts, year 6: "It's good for your health and fitness, and it's fun.

It's also a good time to socialise with your friends from different classes."

■Katerina Misevska, year 6: "It's a nice change from doing school work. It's good for our fitness. We have lots of things in the canteen that are very healthy, so it's nice to have things that support that."

■Jack Tasker, year 6: "A lot of people in our school play sports. It's fun and it helps you stay fit."

■Caleb Williams, year 6: "Kids can socialise and mingle with other students — and it keeps kids fit."

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