Mission complete

OKAN Kaya spent the best part of last week on a special operations mission, taking to the Cold War battlefields armed only with his trusty PS3 hand console.

Mission complete, he returned to his Prestons home in the early hours of yesterday with no bravery medal but a potential world record.

Mr Kaya has topped the Guinness World Records' Call of Duty II continuous gameplay.

The sales manager from computer cabling company 4Cabling played the PlayStation 3 game for 136 hours (5½ days) straight.

This new record cleared the previous time of 120 hours and 7 minutes.

The video game enthusiast finished at midnight on Monday.

Mr Kaya was determined to beat the record after he received an edition of Guinness World Records book as a gift two years ago.

"I've always been a huge fan. I'm quite competitive when I play too," he said.

"My boss was nice enough to offer a room in the office for me to set up and complete the challenge."

The rules of the Guinness World Records allows for a 10-minute break for every hour a participant plays.

Competitors have the option to take these 10-minute breaks or accumulate them.

Mr Kaya said he mapped out a strategy to achieve the goal.

"It looked easy on paper but it certainly was a lot harder," he said.

"Drinking and eating was allowed. Bathroom breaks and sleeping had to be taken through the hours I accumulated. So I would sleep for about two to three hours a day.

"I ate a lot of healthy foods and nothing heavy. A lot of sandwiches, wraps, fruit, cold water.

"I listened to music and had a stepper machine that I used while I played to keep the circulation going."

Mr Kaya must now send proof of his feat to Guinness.

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